YouTube to MP3

Have you ever wished you could have just the audio track from a Youtube video? It’s not as hard as you think to get only a mp3 file from a YT video. It´s Legal to use a YouTube to MP3 converter Website, such as the one found here, you can easily create a MP3 audio files from your favorite YouTube videos.
The Easy YouTube MP3 converter starts with a link from YouTube, then works by extracting the video location and downloading the file from the web address of the video link. The converter then takes the FLV (flash video) and converts it to an MP3 by using the ffmpeg codec on a webserver. This is then end back to the user as a downloadable mp3 link. When you are ready to get started on your YouTube conversions, click here the convert button to use our free YouTube converter.

How to convert a Video from YouTube to mp3?

  1. Visit YouTube and copy the video link you want to convert to mp3.
  2. Paste the url in our convert form and click the convert button.
  3. After only 3 to 4 seconds you can generate the mp3 download.
  4. Press the button to download your mp3 file.

In just a few steps, we will show you how to convert a YouTube video to mp3. But if you do not want to work with copy & paste anymore we recommend our browser extension. The Easy YouTube MP3 Addon makes it even easier and faster to convert a YouTube video to mp3 and it works on all popular browsers. To install the Easy YouTube MP3 downloader extension follow the simple instructions.

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